Wood turning is a passion.




I have been turning wood for more than 7 years and every project challenges me to become better at finding the right shape, making the rim, and finishing the object to my satisfaction.   There are always learning experiences where the wood doesn't want to yield, and I begin again. I have learned to listen to what the wood will allow, and that's a good thing.  



I do this for personal development and to balance my life.  By creating art from wood, I gain a level of satisfaction beyond what my professional life ever gave me.  This endeavor allows me the freedom of expression that is not prevalent in a corporate setting.  Since each piece is unique, I do not take orders nor accept commissions for specific projects.  The time to cure wood and produce a finished product is great; normally longer than most people's patience.  If you like something order it because there will not be another just like it!


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