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Ordering & Shipping

Is your website secure?

Security is backed by WIX and PayPal  I do not keep or see any credit card information.  I only make bowls and hollow forms and occasionally pens and smaller items.  


Do you ship internationally?

In a word - no.  To work through the fees and costs is not productive since I am only one person.  If you have need and a contact in the US that can forward packages that would be a better solution.


What forms of payment do you accept?



How are shipping/handling charges calculated?

All products include ground shipping throughout the lower 48 states.  Hawaii, Alaska, and territorial lands of the US are not included in the price.  Handling charges include boxing and packing the product so that it arrives safely.  This is always done by me and it takes time to do properly.  I also have to find and buy materials to ensure the product is supported in a box so that it arrives in good shape.  


How long until my order ships?

I will ship all orders as soon as I can,  If I am traveling, or busy with a family activity have patience.  I will make the effort to ship product in a timely manner.


Are all your products always in stock?

I'm always making product.  Normally, I make 4-5 pieces each week.  Some weeks I process logs or work in some other medium.  It seems like I'm always trying new materials and shapes.


Do all wooden bowls crack?

Wood is a natural indicator of humidity and moves with the seasons.  During wet seasons the wood will absorb moisture and enlarge.  This is a natural process.  Because of this natural process, wood may crack or warp out of shape.  This is normal.  It is not considered a flaw, rather, it is an enhancement.  It is the wood reacting naturally to the environment.


Are your products food safe?

I use several finishes that are food safe once they have cured.  Lacquer, oil, wax, and some types of epoxy are used to create the effect or look I am after.  All of these will be food safe once they have fully cured.  Bowls are not meant for liquid storage or high temperature areas. Wiping them by hand is the best way to clean them.  


Where do I get wood?

I harvest wood when someone else cuts down a tree.  I am not an arborist.  I can help clean up after someone else decides to cut something down.  I will not cut a tree down for a piece of wood.  I only harvest what comes down naturally or when a land owner decides to do so. If something is destined for the landfill will not hesitate to rescue it.


Return policy?

I want everyone that buys my product to be happy with the piece.  If you are not satisfied with what you have bought contact me directly. Email is the best way to communicate with me.  All I ask is that you return the product in the condition in which you received it, with return postage paid, insured.  



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