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Meet the Artist

The Man...The Myth...The Mystery of Sawdust...Mark Entzminger 

Mark Entzminger continues to elevate turning to a higher art-form. He has been turning wood for more than 7 years and every project continues to challenge and feed his desire to find the right shape, make the rim, and finish the object to the highest of standards. His goal is not only to bring color to his bowls, but to solicit interest and excitement from others. Mark loves the reactions he gets when people see the transparent-color and how light flows through the bowl and splashes onto a table. 

Wood turning is a passion and Mark does this to bring balance to life and further personal development. By creating art from wood, he gains a level of satisfaction beyond what industry life can offer. This endeavor allows for freedom of expression that is not prevalent in a corporate setting.


As each piece is unique, he does not take orders nor accepts commissions for specific projects. There are always learning experiences where the wood does not want to yield and he begins again. The time to cure wood and produce a finished product is great; normally longer than most people's patience.


If you like something, order it! There will not be another just like it! Marks current show at Gallery Nine, Lincoln Nebraska.

Wood turning is a passion. 

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